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Faculty Profile: Karen Kitching by Jennifer Anzaldi -- Jul 9th 2020
“What I love the most about the School of Business is that I am able to express my ideas and have them supported,” says Kitching. This year she introduced the graduate accounting analytics certificate program and created four new courses in the Master of Science in Accounting curriculum. “It’ [...]
Stevie Awards Founder Gives Back by Greg Johnson -- Jul 6th 2020
It had been 15 years since graduating from George Mason University when Michael Gallagher, MBA ’94, was approached by school officials about getting involved with the School of Business Alumni Chapter. He jumped in with both feet, serving several roles including chapter president and has sat on the [...]
Patriots Hiring Patriots by Greg Johnson -- Jul 2nd 2020
There are many traits that employers associate with School of Business alumni—hard working, ambitious, innovative, prepared—to name a few. Many of these characteristics are what the admissions office searches for when selecting applicants to attend the university, others are developed and strengthened [...]
Maxwell Gocala-Nguyen (he/him) is a liaison to students, helping to build communities within the School of Business by bringing people together from all different groups. As the associate director for undergraduate recruitment and engagement at George Mason University School of Business, Gocala-Nguyen [...]
Over the past five years, the School of Business has seen an encouraging and steady incline of female enrollment. While numbers are on the rise at the dynamic school, a glance around most boardrooms will tell you that women are still a small minority in the business world. George Mason University is [...]
In this time of uncertainty, there have been many stories of Patriots helping Patriots—alumni who have come together to support the students at George Mason University. One long-standing supporter of the School of Business stepped up in a big way to be the first to start a new fund dedicated to business [...]
A disturbance to the status quo is a time to find new solutions, change how things work, and figure how to make them work better. Nobody knows that better than the team at George Mason’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE). An interdisciplinary hub within the School of Business, CIE supports [...]
Faculty Profile: Jeff Kulick -- Jun 12th 2020
Jeff Kulick came to Mason in 2001 fresh from a career in nonprofit management. “I came to Mason without having taught somewhere else,” Jeff says. Practitioners as professors make important contributions across university campuses, so this isn’t unusual. However, Kulick was made a full-time faculty [...]
A Letter From Dean Peiperl by Maury Peiperl -- Jun 9th 2020
I write to you as the business leaders, change-makers, and innovators of today and tomorrow. I echo comments from Interim President Anne Holton and President-designate Gregory Washington and want to express my own feelings of pain, anger, and sadness. Our world has been challenged and diminished, forever [...]
Jodie Anderson loves numbers. She also loves figuring things out, so her job as enrollment planning manager is a perfect fit. “I'm a little bit of a numbers nerd, my job is almost like a puzzle. Someone comes to you with a problem and you've got to pull the different pieces of data that will solve [...]