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July 10—HealthLeaders Director of MS in Management Victoria Grady says that during periods of change, organizations should avoid leadership dictating mandates for primary care practices.
July 6—Business Insider The School of Business is named as having one of the most affordable online MBA programs in the country with graduates who earn six-figure salaries.
July 6—Forbes Associate Professor of Finance Derek Horstmeyer says that by facing climate change and a host of other environmental/social issues, divesting from fossil fuel companies makes long term financial sense.
July 5—Wall Street Journal Associate Professor of Finance Derek Horstmeyer says that stocks and bonds haven't helped against inflation and the best way to figure it out is to look at historical correlations.
July 3—ETF Trends Associate Professor of Finance Derek Horstmeyer and Attila Kiss, a finance major at the School of Business, discuss how risk parity funds can help or hurt one's portfolio.
June 26—Fast Company Professor of Management and Conflict Analysis and Resolution Suzanne de Janasz lays out why a virtual negotiation, instead of in-person, can work to your advantage.
James Hasik, a senior research fellow at the Center for Government Contracting, says that the number of classic government software developers are now really scared by the entry of firms like Microsoft, Google and Amazon Oracle into the cloud services, because they don’t have the scale to deliver [...]
June 26—Chief Executive Magazine Associate Professor and Area Chair of Marketing Saurabh Mishra believes that efficiency-enabling practices can help generate greater profitability, but too much of a good thing can lower operational flexibility.
June 25—U.S. News and World Report Associate Professor of Finance Derek Horstmeyer believes that index funds are the best bet in the current roller-coaster environment. The single greatest factor in long-run returns for a fund are the fees paid.
June 24—Defense News Executive Director of the Center for Government Contracting Jerry McGinn believes that the move to eliminate the chief management officer role makes sense given the Pentagon’s structure.